Our Substance Abuse Policy

We just say NO, and we mean it!

Employees are an extremely valuable resource for the Eagle Group; their health and safety is a serious company concern. It is the policy of the company to prevent substance use or abuse from having an adverse effect on our employees. The company maintains that the work environment is safer and more productive without the presence of alcohol and/or illegal or inappropriate drugs in the body or on company property.

Furthermore, employees have the right to work in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment, and to work with employees free from the effects of alcohol and drugs. Employees who abuse alcohol or use drugs are a danger to themselves, their coworkers, and the company’s assets.

The Eagle Group companies are committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace. All employees are advised that remaining drug-free, and medically qualified to work, are conditions of continued employment with the Eagle Group. Specifically, it is the policy of the company that the use, sale, purchase, transfer, possession or presence in one’s system of any controlled substance (except medically prescribed drugs) by any employee while on company premises, engaged in company business, while operating commercial motor vehicle equipment and machinery, or while under the authority of any Eagle company is strictly prohibited. Company policy extends mandatory testing to all employees in the workplace.

Although several states have legalized recreational marijuana, it remains a federally prohibited drug, is banned for DOT regulated drivers, and poses a threat in the varied safety sensitive locations we operate. As such, Eagle Group’s zero tolerance policy includes marijuana. You may not have a detectable level of marijuana in your system while at work, even if the marijuana was not consumed immediately before or during work.

The execution and enforcement of this policy will follow set procedures to screen body fluids (urinalysis), and conduct breath testing. These procedures are designed not only to detect violations of this policy, but to ensure fairness to each employee. Every effort will be made to maintain the dignity of employees and employee applicants involved. Disciplinary action will, however, be taken as necessary.

Just say no