Our History


The history and prosperity of the State of Washington is one which follows the growth of its navigation and transportation systems.

By water, rail, dusty trail or mountain pass, settlers, businesses, traders, and Native Americans have moved themselves and their possessions throughout the state to the rest of the nation and to the rest of the world. The Eagle Group of companies has been a part of that transportation history for more than 90 years.

On the Eastern plateau of Washington between the Cascade Mountain Range on the West and the Columbia River on the East, Wenatchee has been the home to the Eagle Group and its predecessor, Eagle Transfer, since 1903. The men and women responsible for hauling mail from the train depot to the post office, hauling baggage and passengers from the boat landing on the Columbia, moving heavy loads of newsprint to the Wenatchee Daily World, watering the dusty main street, or delivering postal service to remote locations were the transportation pioneers with a strong Northwestern spirit who set the company on its path to where it is today


Currently, the Eagle Group has the authority operations which serve 48 states. Over 120,000 truck load units are handled annually by 21 Eagle-operated terminals.

Our company defined intermodal transportation at the turn of the century and we bring new meaning to the service-oriented, fast-paced, competitive intermodal marketplace today.

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